Towa Review

I finally made the quick trip from Albuquerque to Towa, and boy was it worth it! Very good shape, fantastic views, great price and excellent service. The course is challenging in that there is little room for error. Keep your shots in the fairway or you could lose a ball. There is great golf in New Mexico!

-Eric Johnson May 26, 2007


I've been playing Towa for several years and it's in the best shape I've ever seen it! The greens always have been in great shape, and now the fairways have come around. They've done a lot of work on the fairways and they're really looking good.

I'd also like to add that becasue of the lessons I've taken at Towa, my game really has improved. Fadel Nahle is an excellent teacher.

-Anthony Montoya May 21, 2007


Playing the course for the first time in mid-October '06, the weather was good, views ok (excellent on the Pinion), the Boulder & Pinion nines seemed very new, not quite ready for full-time play. Every hole was plagued with dozens and dozens of dead spots in the rough, aprons, and first cut. Bunkers still showing their cotton underwear. Challenging layout and lots of tees to choose from could make for a good visit for all golfers. Nice warm up facilities. Pro shop friendly, but struggled managing flow of players. No beverage cart, only two dogs and a sandwich to choose from at the turn, no food available at 2:30. Work on the small things and Towa could be a great course.

-Eliot Lazenby Oct 18, 2006

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