Q: Should I stay in Albuquerque or Santa Fe if I want to play some of the courses?
A: Either. You can stay in Santa Fe or Albuquerque (50 miles apart) and be within 30 minutes of most of the "Trail" courses.

Q: How close are the courses to one another?
A: The distance from the southern most course ( Isleta Eagle ) to the northern most course (Black Mesa) is aproximately 90 miles. Click here for details

Q: Is it possible to play two different courses on the same day?
A: Yes. Since many of the courses are within 10 minutes of each other it is quite easy to play two different courses in the same day and only have to travel a few miles in between.

Q: What is the prime golf season in New Mexcio?
Mid April through the end of October

Q: How far is Santa Fe from Albuquerque?
A: Santa Fe is roughly 50 miles or 45 minutes north of Albuquerque

Q: Can we stay at one hotel and get to the courses easily?
A: Yes. Many of our partner hotels are within 30 minutes of several courses

Q: Are all the courses in Santa Fe?
A: No, the Eight Trail courses are located in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe corridor. Click here for map