Paako Ridge Review

I loved this golf course...all 27 holes.

-Bob Brier May 19, 2008

An absolute great golf course. We have a group of eight that have played all over America--PAA-KO is near the top of everyone's list (and that includes Pinehurst #2 and #4, Pine Needles, Barefoot Resorts in Myrtle, RTJ Trail in Alabama, Crosswater in Oregon, Royal New Kent and Golden Horseshoe in Williamsburg). Great layout, tough as nails and worthy of two days (36 per day) on your stay in Alb, New Mexico. The greens, conditions, fairways and course are in great shape. Driving to, and getting there are worth the trip. The layout is spectacular. I love the junipers, and if you get there early in the morning, don't let all the locust noise affect your swing. Great enviroment and setting to have a golf course. Definately worth the five star rating given by Golf Digest. The highlight of our trip to New Mexico. Next time I am in Alb for business--the clubs are coming with me, and I heading for the hills. Yes folks, there are gold in them hills, golfing gold.

-Jason Seymour Jun 20, 2007


Golfers should come from all over the world to play this course--twice. You won't find more breathtaking views or heart-thumping tee shots. Perfect conditoning and thrilling approaches will make you feel ALIVE! This is a pilgrimage to the middle of nowhere for golf nirvana. Paa-Ko Ridge is An Uplifting Experience.

Then come back to earth, play it again, and try to score--good luck. The "10% elevation-boost" doesn't begin to help when you are up hill and into the wind for about half of the holes, so bring your long game.

Might suggest one more set of tees b/c 5900 is a slug-fest for most seniors & women. Oh, and the cart barn should know that Armor All, steering wheels, and trying to hold on to your golf club, don't mix.

Brush your teeth, this is a jaw dropping, big smile, absolute TRIP!

-Eliot Oct 18, 2006


When I was in college I had a girlfriend like Paa-Ko--drop dead beautiful and fun, but she made me miserable. You had better bring your best game, or this course will make you cry.

-George Moore Oct 17, 2006


The drive to the course on Route 14 whether from Sante Fe or I25(Albq) will have you thinking that you are lost, trust me don't give up. The second best inland course I have ever played(Coyote Moon-Truckee Ca.) The conditioning and service are surpassed only by the layout& views. People have complained about pace of play-relax and enjoy the views they are breathtaking. When picking which tees to play, err on the side of caution as the rough is indescribibly tough-there is NO way to go for the green from more than 125 yards-IMPOSSIBLE. The greens roll great-fast but fair-you are surrounded by mountains so there is no prevailing breaks. You MUST see the views from the back most tees on 16&17;-bring lots of film. Call ahead as winter comes sooner and lasts longer than us flat landers expected. Bing extra clothes you can always take a layer off. In sum-WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!

-Danny Stravalli Dec 19, 2005

Have played Paa-Ko on several occasions, spectaculare scenery and an extremely challenging course for a high handicapper! Highly recommend it for the view alone - will test your talents.

-Jim Hinde Aug 22, 2005


This is a breathtaking course with beautiful tee-off points. One of the first courses I played with GPS and you will need it. Staff treats you with great respect and care. High recommend.

-Chris Payton Aug 15, 2005 

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